Computerized Laser Alignment

We Can save you fuel costs and exetend tire mileage with proper alignment.

Save money on tires and fuel with the most accurate laser alignment available today. We use the BEELINE LC 4000, the only system to measure tracking to one-thousandths of an inch (.001). You'll increase your fuel mileage up to 2% or more, while reducing your tire wear reducing your tire wear on average 30%.

Proper alignment requires tranied technicians and accurate equipment

As professionals, we know that in order for a vehicle to operate safely and most efficiently, all axles must be perpendicular to the chassis centerline. We use only the most advanced equipment and highly tranied specialists in our shop. Trust your rig to the professionals.

Diagnosing Problems Before they get out of hand saves you time & money.

When we check your alignment, we look for situations which will progress into larger, more costly repair bills. Many variables causes alignment problems. Most do'nt happen all at once so drivers may not notice problems as they develop. Let us give you "Peace of Mind."